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Monthly Key Word Challenge 2018

Avevo perso di vista questa sfida dopo che era cambiato l'host, ma quest'anno voglio riprovarla.
Ospitata da "My reader's block".

Your task is to read at least one book each month whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month. 
* The title you choose can be a variation on one of the key words. For example- your title could include the word 'icicle' or 'icing' even though the key word is 'ice.'
*Key words can be tweaked. For example- You could read a book with "Bowler" or "Bonnet" for the key word 'Hat' and that would be just fine. If the key word is 'Family' then your title could include the word 'Sister' or 'Father.'If the key word is 'Food' then your title could include the word 'Cake.'


Libri letti:

JAN: white, ice, year, baby, hat, dance, top, road, if
        L'ultimo lenzuolo bianco (Farhad Bitani)
FEB: pink, snow, heart, arrow, point, righ, holiday, walk, and
           Cuore (Edmondo De Amicis)
MAR: green, luck, great, shout, hope, wrong, rope, carry, into
        Anna dei tetti verdi (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
APR: clear, rain, lily, basket, out, gather, valley, all cross
        La mia Africa (Karen Blixen)
MAY: pearl, flower, clasp, pale, mountain, one, never, dog, around
        Cuore di cane (Bulgakov)
JUN: bell, bird, town, live, river, none, some, bride, when
        Sul filo del rasoio / Keeper of the bride (Tess Gerritsen)
        Cronache di piccoli miracoli / The Mill River recluse (Darcie Chan)
JUL: blue, water, desert, apple, many, wood/s, stay, cabin, between
        Dentro l'acqua (Paula Hawkins)
AUG: yellow, sun, beach, boat, house, few, help, camera, above
        La casa tonda (Louise Erdrich)
        The help (Kathryn Stockett)
SEP: always, dall, sleep, school, teach, call, leave, chase, below
        Haunted is always in fashion (Rose Pressey)
OCT: black, mask, ghost, witch, castle, moon, night, haunt, mystery
        La notte dei desideri (Michael Ende)
NOV: brown, thanks, food, family, table, dream, laugh, town, over
DEC: red, present, christmas, party, give, tree, sing, bell, under
        Fuga dal Natale / Skipping Christmas (John Grisham)

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